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How To Find Self-Motivated Employees And Retain Them

This guide gives you important information in discovering how to recruit properly motivated employees and retain them. Much of what is mentioned within this guide may seem obvious, but you’ll be amazed at how common it is for business owners and managers to overlook these factors. In following these steps you'll increase your chances of getting the right employees into your company to start with and retaining a highly focused, valued and happy workforce.

Recruiters Must "raise their game" and "add more value" says Mark Gilbertson, Lloyds Banking Group

Recruiters Must raise their game and add more value says Mark Gilbertson, Lloyds Banking Group

The role that traditional recruiters play in helping employers find new employees is seriously under threat. Recruiters have been urged to “raise their game” because an increasing number of employers is taking the decision of a “direct to market” route, says Mark Gilbertson, Head of Resourcing for group operations at Lloyds Banking Group.

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RecruitEasy has added great value to our recruitment efforts and has provided a super service at an amazingly low priceRecruitEasy not only offers a cost effective solution compared to other methods of recruitment, but that its staff are hugely motivatedRecruitEasy are exactly that; easy to deal with and always have solutions ready for you when you have a resource issueI was very impressed by the service provided by RecruitEasy. They've sent us high calibre candidates as part of the short-listing processIf you are looking for winners in recruitment, then you have found them in RecruitEasy, who have trained, recruited and managed thousands of salespeople, business owners, managers and executivesI have no qualms in recommending RecruiteasyRecruiteasy I am sure will help change the business of recruitment for the goodRecruiteasy is approaching the talent hiring market in a new, interesting and creative mannerI am very pleased with the level of service and professionalism we have been experiencing with Recruiteasy. Every part of what I've seen is excellent My experience of the service received from Recruiteasy was very positive. I feel the Chamber received excellent value for money and would recommend other businesses to try Recruiteasy in the future I found the presentation of the applicants with the Candidate Profile and Job Match and Personal Profile Blueprint exceedingly helpful and greatly assisted me and my Committee in making a decision
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