It's Not About Us, It’s About YOU!

Before we talk about us, it is more important to emphasise that the RecruitEasy service is ABOUT YOU. You are not outsiders to the business but are the most important and integral part of it. We exist to provide YOU with a TRULY outstanding and cost-effective recruitment and staffing service to suit YOUR precise needs. At last! A recruitment agency that puts YOUR needs first. We want you to treat RecruitEasy as YOUR recruitment agency - not ours!

RecruitEasy provides a genuinely different kind of recruitment service. It was inspired and launched after the founders’ personal experiences in running their own businesses where they generally received very poor value for money from recruitment agencies. The high costs from established and so-called quality recruitment agencies were extraordinary in return for a very mediocre service.

This led the founders to embark on a mission to change the recruitment system for the better and to provide you, the employers, people just like themselves, with a great recruitment deal. That is, an excellent range of recruitment options at an exceedingly fair price. RecruitEasy provides a high quality recruitment solution at a fair price and it does exactly ‘what it says on the tin!’.

Your dedicated team of friendly recruitment consultants will provide you with a real quality service. You will have the perfect candidates found or even head-hunted for you, having first gone through our full screening procedure. With our choice of options you will receive full CV sourcing, screening and service for a fair and affordable price.

Why are we different to other recruitment companies?

RecruitEasy's Commercial Director John Turner says:

Typical recruitment agencies charge fees that many employers consider excessive. It is not uncommon for fees of 15% and more to be levied on a new employee's first-year salary, leaving employers with a huge bill to pay. Average recruitment costs are around £3,500 per employee - ouch! The service employers typically receive for this very large fee is, sadly, not always a good one. Although there are some very good quality recruitment agencies out there many are poor and also have onerous hidden terms and clauses. We wish to address and change this by giving employers a fantastic recruitment service at a fair price that leaves them feeling happy with the whole process.

What exactly is the service RecruitEasy provides and for how much?

Michelle Turner, HR Manager and Recruitment Coordinator, says:

At RecruitEasy, we do actually provide a fantastic and attentive service and with 2 Easy Options. We believe that both employers and candidates deserve a much better service and, after years of research, screening, testing and recruiting thousands of candidates, we have the experience to provide just that. In my view, we provide a great advantage to hard pressed employers and to Human Resources departments as we take away all the stress of recruiting suitable candidates. Please do put us to the test.

And the final word…

Managing Director Manny Hussain says:

Our goal is to provide you, our fellow employers, with two simple and resonably priced recruitment choices. The Terms you receive are transparent and simple – no traps or onerous hidden clauses like with many agencies out there. We are perhaps one of a handful of agencies that offer you a 100% money back guarantee and are on your, the employer’s side, because that is where our roots are. Although our fees are lower than most, the high quality of service is still our priority. We will never lose sight of the fact that our clients are flesh and blood human beings and not cold statistics in a database. We treat them accordingly in a fair, dignified and courteous manner.

Key Facts of our terms are clearly laid out and provided to you in advance. Employers and Recruiters, click here to see the service you will receive.

Candidates get an incredible FREE service second to none with proper tools to help you build your profile and real advice. Candidates click here to see the FREE service you get.

Your Vacancy Filled In 14 Days Or it’s FREE!

What Our Clients Are Saying

RecruitEasy has added great value to our recruitment efforts and has provided a super service at an amazingly low priceRecruitEasy not only offers a cost effective solution compared to other methods of recruitment, but that its staff are hugely motivatedRecruitEasy are exactly that; easy to deal with and always have solutions ready for you when you have a resource issueI was very impressed by the service provided by RecruitEasy. They've sent us high calibre candidates as part of the short-listing processIf you are looking for winners in recruitment, then you have found them in RecruitEasy, who have trained, recruited and managed thousands of salespeople, business owners, managers and executivesI have no qualms in recommending RecruiteasyRecruiteasy I am sure will help change the business of recruitment for the goodRecruiteasy is approaching the talent hiring market in a new, interesting and creative mannerI am very pleased with the level of service and professionalism we have been experiencing with Recruiteasy. Every part of what I've seen is excellent My experience of the service received from Recruiteasy was very positive. I feel the Chamber received excellent value for money and would recommend other businesses to try Recruiteasy in the future I found the presentation of the applicants with the Candidate Profile and Job Match and Personal Profile Blueprint exceedingly helpful and greatly assisted me and my Committee in making a decision
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