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Because it is a TOTALLY FREE, UNIQUE AND SUPERIOR SERVICE that we believe will catapult you forward in your job search. RecruitEasy is not just another 'CV forwarding agency' but a QUALITY SERVICE which provides some REALLY USEFUL TOOLS for Job-seekers, such as the Easy-CV Builder, Job Match & Personal Profile Builder and My Audio-CV to help properly market your skills and attributes to employers. This gives you a REAL ADVANTAGE AND GETS YOU TO THE HEAD OF THE QUEUE of competing job-seekers. Most job-seekers will simply have had their CVs forwarded amongst a pile of others. Employers find it a real chore to trudge through these often poorly written and presented documents and often quickly discard them. Our system provides an in-depth third-party insight into job-seekers AND REALLY ENABLES YOU TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. It also allows busy recruiters to quickly find out what they need to know about you and get you on to their shortlist and sometimes even employed almost immediately. It could save you much wasted time and effort and gets your full profile information out there in front of as many people that matter as quickly as is possible. So, a little quality time spent on our site using the free tools available could truly make a positive difference to your job searching efforts. RecruitEasy is just sensible and a great service for everyone.

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Although we offer a free service to job seekers, we do try to do much, much more than simply chucking your CV at employers. After all, you could easily do that yourself! We provide superb tools, as explained above, to help people find their best-match job-role and to find out a few things they maybe didn't even know about themselves! We offer a true service which helps people to get on the right track and to find the right job.

How can the Recruiteasy the Job-match Blueprint and Personal Profile Builder help? Sadly, many receive poor advice or none at all and end up hopping from one unsuitable job to another and repeating this pattern for many years. Sometimes, we get lucky and do end up in a job that is ideally suited to our character and behaviour patterns. However, this may not happen until late in life. What a travesty and a total waste of talent this scenario is! Yet it is one repeated all too often.

If only we had had something to advise each of us as to our true underlying motivations, our character and what it is that really gives us a sense of satisfaction and achievement, then we could aim to get into a type of role early enough in life to be at the 'top of our game' by the time we reach our late twenties or thirties! Wouldn't that be great? RecruitEasy provides tools and a detailed personal assessment, which is designed to do exactly that no matter what your age is right now. Our Job-match Blueprint and Personal Profile Builder examines you in many ways through asking you a series of carefully crafted and controlled questions. For most questions there are no right or wrong answers, simply your preferred choices. If you answer accurately for you personally (and the system has ways of knowing if you have not!) then it will build for you a true profile and provide for you a personal 'Blueprint', which you may be able to utilise to help you make the right choices for your job-role or career. It will also help you get seen by more employers as it is a very interesting report and not just a single boring old type of CV, which they see in their hundreds!

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It's very easy. The website will take you through the process. All you have to do is simply register on the site and we'll start working for you straight away. You can choose to then use our fantastic FREE Easy-CV Builder (or upload your own CV if you already have a good up-to-date and properly formatted one). To further help you to gain an incredible advantage, complete the Job Match & Personal Profile Builder. This may just be useful in any case to help you to find your true vocation in life. Then you can arrange your Audio-CV, which is a quick 3 minute telephone recording enabling you to get your best attributes across and to bring your CV to life! This will all help to make it much easier for us to 'market' you and your credentials to potential employers. Quite often, employers will not consider seeing candidates from their CVs alone if it is not a perfect fit to a pre-defined criteria. Employers often glance at a CV and decide in JUST SECONDS if it's 'right'. However, if you can also be 'heard' with your Audio-CV and your Job-match Blueprint and Personal Profile is available, as well as a professional looking 2-page only CV, then you may just get on the shortlist or gain a job interview. Having the advantage of these extra tools may just swing it for you and sometimes will get you an interview even if you are outside of the pre-defined criteria.

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Although we are specialists in Sales Recruitment, we can handle any type of role and work with companies from the smallest to largest corporations. We have extensive resources and can help you with your job-hunting. Our amazing online tools, available for FREE to job-hunters, will help you to gain an advantage. Whatever your job-type is, we can handle it. There is only one exception which is for labour required under the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA).

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Creating a really effective CV can be very challenging, so it's advisable to use a checklist to ensure it is right. Your CV is your 'marketing brochure', which gives you just a couple of pages to convey your value to an employer including your personality, skills and experience. But you may be competing with many others going for the same job. So how do you stand out? Here are our Top-5 'secrets' or tips for a perfect CV ('secrets' because many people don't seem to know these simple steps):

  1. Less is more: It's the biggest mistake to write too much. The average recruiter spends less than 45 seconds scanning a CV. Some will even take a less than 10-second glance to decide whether to look further and if it looks badly presented or not aesthetically inviting to read, it will probably be discarded almost immediately. Don't make it too long by going too far back into your employment history in great detail. Employers are suspicious of 'butterflies', i.e. those who change their jobs too often. If you do have a long list of jobs, then summarise or group some of these to keep your CV to a nice and crisp two pages. An ideal CV layout format can be found at This format is simple, which is best, and gives the potential employer the important information they really want to see quickly and at-a-glance. Make your personal statement as compelling as possible so you sound like someone they would want to employ as being good for them and not necessarily good for you!
  2. Avoid fancy formatting and over-creativity: What looks nice on your computer screen may not look good in printed or other formats so keep the formatting to a minimum. Recruitment Agencies and Consultants often use their own templates, so make sure your CV is easy to copy and paste, such as in a simple MS 'Word doc'.
  3. Mind the gaps: Have a look at the example CV at - or better still use the CV writer you find there to ensure your layout is good. This also means your CV will be up to date. Your CV should read as a continuous flow of activities with explanations for any gaps such as travelling, long-term illness, maternity leave, sabbaticals, etc.
  4. Bespoke it: This is one of the best-kept recruitment secrets! Job roles can be very different so bespoke (tailor) your CV to suit the role. Look at the job description and write your CV to suit the role. Speak the language your potential employer speaks but stick to the truth. You can send different CVs to suit different employers in a targeted fashion but don't make bespoke CVs too obvious. It can also greatly help your cause if you can add the credibility of a third-party report on you to accompany your CV. After all, your CV is a self-serving marketing document which you have produced yourself. Employers will treat much of what you say in it with a slight pinch of salt. It is thus very powerful to utilise a third-party report to add credibility to what you say, such as job-matching, psychometric analysis and personality profiling. An in-depth one, such as this example, Job Match & Personal Profile Blueprint, is very powerful, send a message to the employer and will get you noticed. You can create one of these for yourself for FREE at
  5. Grammar and spelling: It is almost a job-seeking 'sin' to have typos, spelling or grammatical mistakes in your CV. Nothing will annoy hiring managers or employers more and demonstrate more clearly that you do not pay attention to detail. ALWAYS ask someone else who is reliable to proof-read and check your CV for mistakes. The best of us will often not spot our own mistakes and it is why professional writers have their work proof-read. Your CV is effectively your marketing brochure so make sure it does not market you badly and achieve the opposite of what you intended!

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Because we believe you deserve and should receive a superior service! Did you know that employers are usually charged very high fees by some agencies, this usually being a percentage of the successful candidates starting salary. For example, if the basic pay for an employee is £20,000, a typical agency would charge around 15% of this, so the fee payable by the employer will normally be £3,000 PLUS VAT. This will be very off-putting for some employers and may even prove a big disadvantage for you as they may not wish to risk employing a person at such a cost unless they have a 'perfect candidate' with impeccable credentials, a proven track record and who sails through their interviews. We currently charge employers a fixed percentage fee at only 10% + VAT for a totally superior service so employers feel confident when they are paying a fair and reasonable price for a great service.

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Why not indeed? We recommend that you should make all efforts to find the best job to fit your requirements. But just writing to employers will probably not incite many replies as over 80% of such letters go unanswered. Many employers also quite wrongly believe they are not likely to find the right quality of candidates from Job Centres. So this will not be the best use of your time – that is if you do not first register with RecruitEasy. You have found us and read this far, so you may as well simply register and carry out your Job-match Blueprint and Personal Profile and check out the Easy-CV Builder. Our job-seekers' tools are designed to help you and they are FREE. Our job is to assess you correctly for the type of job you seek, then help you to present yourself in the best possible way to employers.

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It's simple. Just Click Here to initially register in just 60 seconds.

Or simply give us a call on 01626 201067 and talk things through over the telephone, or email our Job Seeker Support Team at with any questions you may have.

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RecruitEasy is a Corporate Member of the professional body for the recruitment industry, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) REC Member, which means that we adhere to the strict REC Code Of Professional Practice. RecruitEasy also operates under its own Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and conducts its business under the framework of laws and regulations set out by Government as follows:

  • The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (as amended in 2007)
  • The Employment Agencies Act 1973
  • The Advertising Standards Authority - Committee of Advertising Practise
  • Web Accessibility and the Disability Discrimination Act (1995 & 2005)
  • The Data Protect Act 1998. RecruitEasy and are trading names of Marketsmart Limited, which is a registered with the Information Commissioner's Office as a Data Controller Number Z2209596. Data is further secure through being encrypted through or web site as it is 'https://' (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) rather than simply 'http://'. Please refer to
  • GeoTrust Certificate for Site Security Number 13440A, the ultimate online security and trust solution delivering both 256-bit encryption and the True Site™ trust mark providing third-party website identity validation

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One of our team will be your appointed point of contact. If you would like a chat to find out more we are always available on 01626 201067; or you can email our Job Seeker Support Team at

We look forward to working with you. Please do try us out and experience the difference!