Employers - Frequently Asked Questions

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Because in line with the RecruitEasy Promise, we commit to delivering an outstanding, professional and attentive service so you can be confident that the candidates your employ will exceed your expectations. YOU will also receive your SUPERIOR SERVICE at a FAIR and REASONABLE PRICE. Choose from TWO EASY OPTIONS of high quality, a PREMIUM or ADVANCED service.

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Option 1 – PREMIUM - Gives you FULL Agency services for a fixed fee of just 10%. You get 100% of the agency service for a fair and reasonable price. We advertise for candidates, pre-interview, screen, filter and forward them to you and even arrange interviews and conduct follow-up calls for you.

Option 2 – ADVANCED - As with Option 1 - Plus ADDITIONAL SERVICES such as a recorded Audio-CV file, Job Match Blueprint and comprehensive Psychometric Profiling. The fee is just 12% of salary. The psychometric and personality tests and job-match blueprint are invaluable for pro-active sales roles where it is imperative that the candidate has the right attributes for the role.

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Not only will you receive the benefits of the RecruitEasy Promise but will receive it for a fee that is fair and acceptable. Typically, some recruitment agencies can charge fees far in excess of the service they provide. The fee charged is traditionally based on a percentage of the successful candidate's starting salary. For example, if the basic pay for your employee is £20,000 a typical agency charge could be 15% and the fee payable at £3,000 + VAT. By using RecruitEasy’s ‘Premium’ Option 1 service in this example would SAVE you £1,000. Our fee would be just £2,000 + VAT and you would you would also receive full recruitment agency services with advertising, sifting and screening of candidates all the way to final interview and follow-up. And if you chose to use our ‘Advanced’ Option 2 service at 12% of salary, you would still make a saving of £600 and receive the exceptional additional services of a full job-match blueprint profile and 3-minute Audio-CV recording of candidates empowering you to positively decide who you wish to interview. Isn’t that refreshingly different!

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Yes, we are unique in the range of services we offer and the quality that we provide. We really do provide the service that suits YOU the best and at a REALLY FAIR PRICE. The two options we provide, give you a 100% FULL sourcing and screening recruitment service at a very competitive fee. The fees you pay are affordable, realistic and certainly easier to swallow and are kind on your cash flow too! There are no hidden charges and no nasty surprises in the small print either. RecruitEasy is simply great news for employers who need to hire the best candidates available. It’s the smart way to recruit.

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It's very easy. Just pass on details of your job vacancy to us either through our site or by simply calling 0845 475 1731. Once we have obtained and collated all the necessary information for your recruitment campaign, we will get to work for you immediately. We will write the job advert, place this on the leading job boards (access to over 10 million CVs) and search for top quality candidates and fully screen them before we forward their details on to you. Only the best and most suitable candidates are presented to you for your final assessment. By offering such a comprehensive service as standard, you will save a great deal of time and money and the candidate(s) will also feel that they have received a real service.

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The 'Advanced' option offers all of the great features of the ‘Premium’ service PLUS you also receive the following essential checks and information:

  1. The Candidate's written CV plus a short recorded Audio-CV, which is a quick 3 minute recording of the candidate talking about their key attributes and why you should choose them. This beats the guesswork you normally have to make and gives you the chance to hear the candidate bring their written CV to life. There'll be NO WAFFLE and NO RAMBLING and it will help you to decide who to short-list for the final interviews.
  2. A Job-Match and Personal Blueprint Profile will show if the candidate really will be a great match for the role.
  3. UK work initial eligibility check to ensure your new employee is legally entitled to work in the UK (avoid up to a £10,000 fine for EACH person employed who is not entitled to work in the UK!).

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We know most employers are not used to getting such a cost effective service at such a fair and reasonable price, but we truly believe our clients deserve the very best value for money. We want you to continue to use our recruitment service time and again, so doesn’t it make sense that we exceed your expectations by providing an outstanding recruitment service from just 10% plus VAT of an employee’s salary! How can we offer this? Our extensive research and programming has automated many of our processes and our efficient online service, combined with highly efficient and knowledgeable recruiters, means we can provide a truly superb service.

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We have a large internal database of candidates registered with us and have accounts with access to leading job boards and CV search engines with over 10 Million registered CVs! We also have access to many other areas to help in our search for suitable candidates.

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We have managed a wide range of vacancies with great success and welcome enquiries from all employment sectors. Our specialism however is in sales recruitment, because we use our specialist resources that can specifically find and target sales champions. The only exception to our recruitment policy is that we do not recruit for labour required under the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA). When you recruit with RecruitEasy, we ensure that the standard and quality of the candidates sourced will be of the highest possible irrespective as to whether you are recruiting an office junior or a senior manager, a telesales consultant or a telemarketing professional, as this is what will give you a significant edge against your competitors. Your company is supported on the people you employ. "Your people are not only your greatest asset; your people are your company".

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You will be assigned a dedicated recruitment specialist for your campaign who will work with you and for you to completion. They will assist, help and advise you every step of the way. If you would like a chat to find out more we are always available on 01626 201067; or you can email Manny Hussain at manny.hussain@recruiteasy.co.uk, or send any general queries to our Customer Support Team at support@recruiteasy.co.uk.

Open QuoteDoes RecruitEasy have a Code of Conduct and what rules or laws does RecruitEasy
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RecruitEasy is a Corporate Member of the professional body for the recruitment industry, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) REC Member, which means that we adhere to the strict REC Code Of Professional Practice. RecruitEasy also operates under its own Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and conducts its business under the framework of laws and regulations set out by Government as follows:

  • The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (as amended in 2007)
  • The Employment Agencies Act 1973
  • The Advertising Standards Authority - Committee of Advertising Practise
  • Web Accessibility and the Disability Discrimination Act (1995 & 2005)
  • The Data Protect Act 1998. RecruitEasy and Recruiteasy.co.uk are trading names of Marketsmart Limited, which is a registered with the Information Commissioner's Office as a Data Controller Number ZA167505. Data is further secure through being encrypted through or web site as it is 'https://' (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) rather than simply 'http://'. Please refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_Secure
  • GeoTrust Certificate for Site Security Number 13440A, the ultimate online security and trust solution delivering both 256-bit encryption and the True Site™ trust mark providing third-party website identity validation

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You’ll find RecruitEasy's terms are a refreshing change - we are not out to trap anyone with hidden clauses or penalties and that is a core mission of the company. We consider our terms simple and straightforward. Because we commit fully and comprehensively to your campaign and carry out extensive work, screening and documentation on candidates for a lower fee in comparison to the majority of other recruitment companies, we do ask for a 25% engagement fee in advance. When both parties are committed in this way it focuses the attention in a very positive direction creating a mutual incentive that produces, achieves and delivers excellent results in a much quicker time. It’s a bit of a psychological thing, a 25% financial commitment is a real motivator, keeping both parties focused on the progress and delivery of the recruitment process.

However, if we are unable to fill your vacancy then any advance payment made is fully refundable in line with our terms and conditions. Also a free replacement service is available for any employed person (except for those on a short-term contract) who leaves for any reason within 28 days of their start date and, if we cannot offer a replacement, a 100% money back guarantee applies.

Open QuoteI want to know more about what reports I can choose to receive and what do these reveal about the candidate?Close Quote

With our Advanced service you receive a full Personal Profile Blueprint for the candidate. This really is a very comprehensive assessment of the candidate. Simple personality tests are not in our view good enough and our in-depth evaluation for personality and role suitability includes the following NINE subsections:

  1. Job Match & Personal Profile Blueprint comparing each candidate's match to TEN different type of job roles as follows:
    • Direct Sales or General Sales (with either 'Hunter', 'Farmer' or 'Transactional' skills or a combination of these depending on the requirements of your business)
    • Office/Clerical/Administration
    • Accounting/Analytical
    • IT/Technical/Engineering
    • Logistical/Manual
    • Marketing/New Media/Design
    • Programming/Coding/Software
    • Social Care/Nursing
    • Leisure/Hospitality
    • Human Resources
  2. Underlying key motivational drivers – Finds out what really deep-down motivates the person - their sub-conscious dominant drivers. It's how they are 'wired' and why they do things.
  3. Personal external characteristics – How the person appears to others and the external behavioural characteristics they portray.
  4. The X-Factor for success – Shows if they possess an inner ability and desire to succeed and if their beliefs and natural actions are aligned for achievement and success.
  5. Creativity, lateral thinking and invention – Discovers if they can think laterally and are naturally creative or inventive or whether they are likely to be inhibited in their thinking and need constant direction.
  6. Cognitive function and prioritisation - General - Shows if they possess a good clarity of conscious thoughts processes and a sense of order for general aspects and for personal values.
  7. Cognitive function and prioritisation – Personal - Shows if they possess a good clarity of conscious thoughts processes and a sense of prioritisation related to their personal life and their work life in relation to the world around them.
  8. IQ predictor comparison – measures aspects in visual, logical, numerical, grammatical, spatial, co-ordination, perspective and stationary intelligence and compares this to the wider population.
  9. Integrity comparison – checks basic levels of honesty and integrity as a comparison to the wider population.

Open QuoteWhy carry out such an in-depth Job-match Blueprint? Isn't a simple Personality Test used by some companies and other agencies good enough to hire an employee?Close Quote

No, not really. Personality tests measure ONLY 'personality' or 'behaviour type' and can be helpful in identifying the method of how a person carries out their role in the short term and not in their full capacity to succeed over a longer term. It measures a person's style, energy levels, if they are formal or informal, aggressive or passive and if they are introvert or extrovert. However, this is simply not enough because as well as 'How they do it?' you will need to know 'Why they do it?', 'Can they do it?', and 'Will they do it?'

Personality tests are better than nothing though, but they are simply not enough in assessing a person comprehensively as to their suitability and their motivation to work in a key role for YOUR COMPANY. And aren't ALL roles in your company key? Your competitors will probably be carrying out simple Personality Tests, not full Job-Match Blueprint and Personal Profiling - except perhaps the smart ones! So using the RecruitEasy system will give you a distinct advantage. If the standard of your employees is the highest possible irrespective of whether you are recruiting an office junior or a senior manager, then we believe that this will give you a significant edge against your competitors and separate your company from the mediocre. It could in fact propel your business to great success. "Your people are not only your greatest asset; your people are your company".

The RecruitEasy Job-Match Blueprint System measures much more than ordinary tests – it asks the four critical questions detailed below that you MUST get answers to when hiring, troubleshooting or developing your employees and it gets you these answers with uncanny accuracy:


HOW they work?

Working Behaviour - This is the personality part of our assessment and is only one part of the profile. How someone routinely behaves in their daily work is important to the job. However, other measurements are also critical to determining if the candidate is rightly 'wired' for the job.


WHY they work?

Value Structures (what drives a person in their work?) - This measures motivation. Does the person value what your position offers? For example, the motivation for a preacher to preach is quite different than that for a salesman to buy and sell goods every day. This is also different than the motivation for an artist to paint. What if they all swapped jobs? The preacher bought and sold, the salesman painted and the artist preached. Their motivation to perform would be gone. That's the same reason why you may have previously employed a salesperson, for example, with a great 'sales' personality who interviewed well, but didn't perform. They had the right personality, but not the right value structure or key motivational drivers for the job. That's why they failed. The problem is that you cannot assess a candidate's value structure from just an interview or a CV. However, the RecruitEasy Personal Profile Blueprint assessment measures the core values of a person. It will tell you exactly what their values are and if they are aligned with the job. Are they personally driven by knowledge, money, control, compassion, artistic, or regulatory values? When their natural values are well aligned with the rewards offered by the job, their probability for exceptional performance is high. We believe that if the 'Why' is powerful, the 'How' is easy!


WILL they do the work correctly?

Job-role cognition – This is possession of a level of focus and clarity related to the job's attributes. An example of this is where in a sales environment a member of staff can virtually 'accost' a customer who enters a retail store by invading their 'space' the moment they walk through the door and bluntly blurt out "Can I help you?" They unknowingly invade the customer's personal space too quickly and do not 'see clearly' the way things should operate in a sales environment, which is that they should not invade a person's space and should give them time. They should wait and make eye contact at the right time when the customer is ready (which you can see by the customer's body language), and then say the right things with the right tonality and judge the right distance to stand from the customer. The poor actions and behaviour of the member of staff in this example shows a lack of 'cognitive clarity' in the sales process, which is a critical measurement and applies in principle to all job roles.

Another example is where a salesperson in your organisation has a great personality but fears rejection? People like the person but they simply cannot deal with a "No". Or what about a person who isn't a self-starter, so you have to keep using a 'cattle-prod' to get them going? Or maybe you have someone who lacks persistence or the ability to set goals? Or someone who lacks personal accountability, self management or has the inability to handle stress? These are not just personality traits - they are vital cognitive attributes and are separate specific measurements that personality tests do not take into account. You need to know a person's cognitive structure and function before you use valuable resources to employ, develop or dismiss them. The RecruitEasy Job-match Blueprint and Personal Profile will tell you exactly what the candidate's cognitive ability (clarity of thinking) is across dozens of attributes. It creates a very clear picture of how their brain is 'wired'.


CAN they understand your system of work?

Skills Comprehension (knowledge of the work process) - If someone were to ask any of your employees "What is the work process in your department and why is it that way?" Would they squirm, make something up or would they deliver a competent answer about how their department operates, how the work flows, the importance of one step in relation to another and why it is set up that way?

In any work environment, research shows that people have a 90% chance of completing their task competently and within a reasonable timescale if they use a step-by-step system. Without one, it drops to less than 40%. This is particularly important, for example, in a sales environment where a 90% chance of completing a sale as opposed to a 40% one will be the difference between survival and failure. This principle applies across all types of businesses and job roles. If you have a good system and employ people who can operate that system effectively, then your success will accelerate. Employing people whose personal values are aligned with their job to start with (WHY they do it), have good work-ethic traits (HOW they do it?), are good at learning the system (CAN they understand it?) and who apply the system correctly (WILL they do it right?), will give you an unbeatable winning combination.

Conclusion: The RecruitEasy Job-match Blueprint measures your candidate's knowledge of the process and their ability to think clearly and remain in control of the process. It will raise the standard of your employees and increase 'clear thinkers' in your organisation who are not only motivated to do the work but have the ability to actually do it correctly and consistently.