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Whether You're a Recruitment Agency or Recruitment Consultant, RecruitEasy is Ideally Placed to Help

Recruitment-to-Recruitment (also sometimes known as Recruitment2Recruitment, Recruit-to-Recruit, Rec2Rec, Rec to Rec or even R2R) is a service where one recruitment agency recruits for or on behalf of other recruitment agencies or recruitment consultancies. This can either be for the other agency’s own requirements or on behalf of their third-party clients. The service involves the placement of usually (but not always) experienced Recruitment Consultants, Managers or Resource Specialists, but could just as easily be for candidates in any field or industry. Both recruitment and non-recruitment personnel can be sourced, vetted and supplied.

Whether you are a recruitment agency looking to recruit professionally at highly competitive rates, or a recruitment consultant or agent trying to further your career, RecruitEasy Rec2Rec is ideally placed to help.

For recruitment agencies, RecruitEasy will not only source candidates to your strict criteria but by utilising our unique and highly specialised blueprinting software, we will screen experienced recruitment consultants and resourcers and predicts their performance levels and general suitability for the role with an 85% degree of accuracy. Our system will test candidates for their underlying key motivators, success factors, cognitive function, creativity, lateral thinking, emotional IQ and integrity and alert recruitment agencies of potentially high performers.

For Recruitment Consultants or Recruitment Managers or Resource Specialists, RecruitEasy will enhance your CV and portfolio. We can dramatically increase your chances of getting noticed by providing you with a free Job-match and Personal Profile Blueprint Report PLUS a free Audio-CV to accompany your CV. Employers are bombarded with CVs for most vacancies and ensuring your CV and application stands out in this way will substantially improve your chances to get the job you really want – your dream job.

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