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Crunching Numbers: Key Statistical Trends in the Construction Industry from RecruitEasy


James Gooch

June 20th 2023

3 min read

As a leading recruitment agency specialising in the construction sector, RecruitEasy prides itself on being an authoritative voice when it comes to analysing industry trends. In this post, we delve into key statistical trends in the construction industry, focusing specifically on the southwest of England. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer in the field, this piece provides a comprehensive overview of the local industry landscape.

Overview of the Southwest England Construction Industry

The southwest of England, a region known for its picturesque landscapes and historical landmarks, has been experiencing steady growth in its construction industry. This growth is driven by numerous infrastructure projects, residential developments, and refurbishments of heritage sites.

According to the latest figures, there are over 20,000 construction businesses operating in the southwest, employing approximately 200,000 people - a testament to the vitality of the sector in this region. The average salary in construction here is notably competitive, further solidifying the region's status as a significant hub for construction professionals.

Construction Industry Growth in Southwest England

One key trend that we have noted at RecruitEasy is the sustained growth in construction activity in the southwest. This is reflected in the increasing demand for skilled construction professionals, a trend that we have responded to by providing quality staffing solutions.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports that the southwest's construction industry has grown by an impressive 10% in the last year. This growth outpaces the national average, making the region an attractive destination for those seeking rewarding job opportunities.

Role of Temporary Construction Jobs in the Southwest

At RecruitEasy, we have noted a rising trend of temporary jobs in the construction industry. Temporary roles offer flexibility and variety, providing workers with the opportunity to gain experience on a range of projects. This employment model is particularly prevalent in the southwest, where project-based work is common.

Interestingly, around 30% of construction roles in the southwest are temporary positions, contributing to the vibrant, dynamic nature of the industry in this region. This is a key aspect that we consider when connecting candidates to the right job opportunities.

Future Projections for the Southwest Construction Industry

So, what does the future hold for construction in the southwest? The industry outlook remains positive. The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) predicts that the industry in this region will grow at a rate of 2.5% annually over the next five years, higher than the UK average.

This growth will undoubtedly lead to increased job opportunities, particularly in roles related to infrastructure and housing projects. As we look to the future, RecruitEasy remains committed to matching skilled professionals with these emerging opportunities in the southwest's thriving construction industry.

What conclusion can we draw from the trends?

Crunching the numbers reveals a buoyant and growing construction industry in the southwest of England. For both permanent and temporary construction workers, the region presents promising job opportunities, underscored by a positive growth forecast.

RecruitEasy, with our deep understanding of the industry and the region, is here to help you navigate this promising landscape. We are dedicated to matching the right candidate with the right job, using our expertise and these insightful statistics to guide our approach.

Remember, whether you're an employer looking for skilled staff or a jobseeker seeking the next big opportunity, RecruitEasy is your partner in construction recruitment in the southwest. Keep an eye on our blog for more insights and industry trends.

Navigating the construction industry can be complex, but with reliable data and a knowledgeable recruitment partner, the process becomes significantly simpler and more rewarding.

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