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RecruitEasy Construction Industry Blog

Five construction professionals shown in an artistic watercolour painting with a foreground image of the Bristol skyline

Discover Bristol's booming construction trends, challenges, and its impact on economy and society. Explore opportunities in this transformative surge.

Two building industry professionals standing in a field of green solar panels

Dive into sustainable engineering and building services. Discover how EBSSA pioneers the green-skills movement, bridging gaps and shaping the future.

Construction Inclusion Coalition Lady with a white hard hat and clipboard with a blurred construction background with two workmen

Explore CIC's mission to enhance diversity in construction and learn how unbiased recruitment agencies are driving industry-wide change.

Construction workers laying roofing sheet on a roof holding tools for the job in a tough labour shortage

Discover the alarming statistics, government involvement, and long-term impact of the skilled labour shortage in the UK construction industry.

Building blocks to the right and left with a person holding a bridge of blocks between symbolising the gap that is bridged by construction recruitment agencies during labour shortages

Discover how recruitment agencies in construction offer targeted talent, cost savings, and flexibility for effective workforce management.

Construction labourer shown climbing a metal ladder from the bottom to top of the image.

Explore the career progression paths within construction, highlighting inspiring success stories of individuals who have risen through the ranks.

Builders helmet resting on an open laptop showing a hand typing

Discover the significance of IT and technical roles within construction projects and the pivotal role of recruitment agencies in filling these positions.

Image with the text navigating the hospitality sector how to find a job

Discover effective strategies for navigating the hospitality sector to find your next job. Stand out and secure a position in hospitality.

Construction Manager holding his finger to his mouth

Unlock the Secrets of Building Your Dream Team! Learn the Art of Hiring Construction Workers Effectively. Your Blueprint to Success.

Two men shaking hands

Make hiring easy for your construction company. Discover how to attract top talent, streamline your hiring process, and build a skilled workforce.

Construction Hiring manager holding an ipad with the text how recruiteasy is revolutionising temporary staffing in construction

RecruitEasy's unique approach to construction recruitment matches skills with opportunities, ensuring a perfect fit for both employer and job seeker.

Logistics staff shaking hands on a deal

Discover the benefits of temporary staffing in the logistics sector, including flexibility, cost savings, skilled talent, and increased productivity.

Warehouse worker in a high visibility jacket holding a clipboard with the text RecruitEasy's ultimate guide to thriving in the warehousing and logistics industry

Discover the ultimate guide to succeed in the warehousing and logistics industry, insights on skills, networking, sustainability, compliance, and data.

Workers on a construction site with the text from apprentice to master

Discover the incredible journey of construction professionals in the South West as they transform from apprentices to masters.

Hand lowering a house into a grass field with the text the rise of prefabricated construction advantages and challenges for southwest builders

Discover the rise of prefabricated construction, its advantages (efficiency, cost savings, quality control) and challenges for South West builders.

Three workers climbing a historic construction marvel with safety gear

Discover the captivating UK South West's iconic construction projects, from Roman Baths to Stonehenge, blending history, innovation, and natural wonders.

Construction worker at heights on a shipping container clipped in to a safety harness

Discover the Key to Safe Construction Sites in the South West! Expert Tips, Best Practices, and Safety Insights for a Secure Workplace. Learn More Now.

Construction executive standing on a half built building with a search telescope

Strategies to navigate the construction skills gap and attract top talent: appealing culture, technology adoption, partnerships, and competitive compensation.

Construction worker standing on a solar panel working on it with the text of the blog title to the left

Discover the Secrets of Sustainable Construction in the South West, Embrace Eco-Friendly Practices, Renewable Energy, and Green Building Materials

Construction worker wearing protective equipment on a construction site

Unlock exciting construction job opportunities in the South West! Explore the top 5 high-demand positions and secure your next career move with RecruitEasy.

Construction worker with an exo suit to assist in lifting heavy steel and white hard hat on

Explore the latest technological advancements impacting the construction industry in the South West. Robotics, 3D printing, augmented reality, and more.

Construction worker jumping in the air in happiness with a high visibility vest and work gear with the title of the blog to the left

Master your construction job interview with RecruitEasy's top interview tips

Graphic showing crunching numbers with the title of the blog

Explore the booming construction sector in Southwest England with key growth trends, high-demand temporary roles, and promising job prospects.

Warehouse worker holding a tape gun with the text how to find warehouse workers and keep them

Staffing a warehouse can be difficult, Need help finding and retaining warehouse operatives read our blog?

Construction tools and a large question mark with the text how to get a job in construction without experience on a blue background featuring the RecruitEasy logo in white

Are you having trouble finding a construction job because you lack experience? Learn how to increase your chances of landing a job with this guide.

Construction robot on a construction site saying i am artificial inteligence

AI is now being used in the construction industry, to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Learn about the benefits and issues of AI in construction

UK smart motorway image showing variable speed limit gantry

The UK government has scrapped the smart motorways scheme, but what are they? What should motorists do to keep safe on smart motorways?

Construction worker fallen on the floor with a hard hat in the foreground

1.7M workers have work-related ill health, with 500k new cases yearly. It causes 32.5M working days lost per year countrywide. Top 5 causes.

Construction workers gathered around construction plans

CITB increases grants to help construction employers train their workers and meet the impending changes to the CSCS card scheme.

Man using welder to join/weld steel together

The UK construction industry relies heavily on steel, but rising steel prices and the steel shortage can impact project costs, reduce risks with these tips.

Over 50 year old looking puzzled with thought bubbles worrying about the cost of living crisis, his pension and energy costs.

Over 50? Get back and discover fulfilling career opportunities in Construction, Warehousing, and Logistics. Gain financial stability, purpose, and new skills.

RecruitEasy mug with a post-it note saying New years resolution - get a new job

If you're feeling stuck in your current job or are simply ready for a change, make "get a new job" your New Year's resolution to progress towards a new career.

Image of a toilet with five pound notes being dropped into the toilet by someones hand.

Are you missing out on thousands of pounds of over-paid tax? One Third Of Self Employed People Currently Are!

Construction workers on sitewearing PPE a white hard hat and high visibility jacket looking up their career in construction

Construction is now seemed an attractive career profession by over 50% of young adults, find out more about a construction career and why its attractive.

Construction Site worker with a cloudy day shown in the background with a large red arrow and line showing an upward trajectory

Late 2021 saw a large rise in the UK Construction Industry Output, read all about it at the RecruitEasy Construction Industry Blog.

Scale weighed down by construction projects with not enough workers on the other side signifying the labour shortage

The UK Construction Industry is set to struggle with the ongoing Labour Shortages throughout 2023, read our blog to find out how to get more workers.

Cartoon human throwing cash in the air whilst sitting at a desk looking at increasing construction output.

November 2021 saw construction sector output grow at its fastest rate in four months. Evidence suggested that the supply chain was overcoming..

Overhead view of a neighbourhood with many houses of different shapes and sizes.

With 223,530 houses being built in 2007-8 the 2020-21 figures show a stark need for action to combat the shortage of new housing.

Three construction hard hats, white blue and yellow set on a wood floor.

Government figures (ONS) show that the construction industry is booming with need for workers, how can you find workers for your construction projects?

A large sign reading Danger Construction site unauthorised persons keep out taken through a fence showing construction site machinery

How safe are you on the construction site? Do you follow all of the safety precautions you should? Check out our top 5 construction site safety tips!

Orange background a cartoon construction worker pointing at a sign reading Deductions payroll fees £60 and Umbrella fees £80

RecruitEasy's Definitive guide to payroll and umbrella fees. Why you shouldn't accept these as standard and how we can help!

Demand beating supply HGV drivers needed written on a blue background and a road showing a heavy goods vehicle

The latest update from industry leaders highlighted growing problems in the haulage industry. More specially, HGV Drivers.

Blue skies with a green sign pointing to employment

The industry is outpacing itself, with CITB Construction Skills Network (CSN) highlighting the industry requires an extra 217,000 construction workers..

Money pot showed growing a plant with stacks of coins next to it showing the phenomenal rate of construction industry growth

The construction Industry is out performing expectations with its growth. Contributing to worker shortages. How you can prepare for this.

Construction Sector growth forecast graph from 2019 to 2023 sourced from ONS Construction Products Association

Increase in construction forecast output up to 12.9% in 2021 and a further increase of 5.2% the following year. The construction industry is recovering.

Construction workers sitting on a steel girder high over a city

With COVID-19 and Brexit how will you stop the labour shortages from affecting your business in 2022?

Street with finished houses and one still in construction due to labour shortages

As 2020 draws to a close, the government announced ambitious plans for 2021 and beyond, which all boon well for the construction sector in easing uncert...

Construction Sector growth forecast graph from 2019 to 2022 sourced from ONS Construction Products Association

A massive 14% increase in construction output this year. Read more to find out which sectors are leading this growth.

Construction housing site showing workers on scaffolding on the side of a building

Housebuilding has driven an increase in construction activity with optimism among construction firms rising to its highest level in near...

Construction worker wearing a hard hat stood looking at a building in construction with a crane in the middle

As 2020 draws to a close, the government announced ambitious plans for 2021 and beyond, which all boon well for the construction sector in easing...

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government Emblem and text

The housing industry has reacted with enormous agility to the extraordinary circumstances presented by COVID-19. Its determination to keep build...

Construction housing site showing workers building a roof and a wall with high vis and hard hats on

Construction sites have once again been spared restrictions despite the spike in Covid-19 cases around the UK. The Prime Minister said...

Groundworker on a construction site with various CSCS card examples shown from blue to silver

The Most Common Certificates & Qualifications Required For Construction There are many very useful qualifications and...

Construction site with a construction worker in a high vis showing a covid-19 badge for construction workers advice

COVID-19 pandemic – Site Operating Procedures (SOP) Version 5 – 04 July 2020 04 July 2020 To minimise and limit the spread of COVID-19, the UK...

Career graphic showing the word career with construction machinery moving it

Choosing a career in construction can lead to an extremely rewarding career. If you’re looking for a challenging career in a big field where your skills...

Benefits of hiring temp workers road sign with a clock for a head

RecruitEasy's top 7 benefits of hiring temporary workers. And how we can make it a smooth and easy process for you.

Housing Construction site showing 2 near finshed homes made with brick

With the number of houses being built set to increase after a slight decrease the year before. Is brexit effecting the houseing market?

Line of Cartoon people being selected by the recruiter with a magnifying glass showing a succesful blue candidate.

What should you look for in a Recruitment Agency? Our top 10 things to look for in a recruitment agency, to avoid time wasting agencies and deceit.

Five Brown/Red House Bricks layed on a wooden table in front of a housing estate

What is causing the massive shortage of bricks? Are there any solutions? How you might be affected now or in the future.

View of a construction housing site with workers building a roof and wall and two women recruiters in the corner

Why use a Construction Agency? Let’s face it, time-consuming recruitment is not the primary role or focus of...

Two NPORS card examples showing a red trained operator and a blue competent operator

Card checkers are crucial in the construction industry to stop workers being turned down for work with valid NPORS Cards, NPORS cards even have a QR code.

Two construction women with high vis and hard hats in a city in front of skyscrapers with one woman pointing at a skyscraper.

Just 20% of UK construction companies having women in senior roles leading to professionals in the industry claiming...

Skyscrapers in construction with workers in high vis pointing at construction works

The Government announced its flagship Construction Sector Deal which sets out an ambitious partnership between the industry...

Graphene molecular structure graphic to make environmentally friendly concrete

A new greener, stronger and more durable concrete that is made using the wonder-material graphene could revolutionise the construction industry...

Construction worker gang with yellow and orange high visibility clothing and a hard hat walking on a construction site

Are you prepared for brexit. When staffing becomes an issue use RecruitEasy

Construction site showing a row of terraced houses with scaffolding and a workman walking past

New build home numbers have soared in the UK, with the figures for homes starting to be built in 2017 surging to their highest recorded levels since...

a Business person holding a piece of paper with a smile on it

It’s official: work makes people happy. So says a wellbeing report which highlights the positive effect of having a job on people’s state of ‘happiness’.