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Why Choose a Career in Construction?


James Gooch

October 25th 2021

4 min read

Choosing a career in construction can lead to an extremely rewarding career. If you’re looking for a challenging career in a big field where your skills will always be valued and constantly in-demand, then the construction sector is the place for you. So if you’re thinking of a career in the construction industry, or you simply want to reassure yourself that it’s the right choice for you, have a glance at our list below for reasons why you should choose a construction career:

  • You’ll always be in demand

  • It’s a hugely diverse sector with many roles within a wide range of sub-sectors. There a niche for everyone whether it’s site manager, quantity surveyors or plant operator. With a huge construction skills shortages looming due to a variety of reasons from Brexit to many large-scale infrastructure projects in the pipeline, as well as a need for increased house-building across the UK, skilled construction professionals are extremely valued. Such a skills shortages is pointing the construction industry towards developing into a highly candidate driven job market.

  • Great opportunities for career progression

  • A whole range of job and career opportunities are almost always available within the construction industry with great chances for career progression within many of the specific industry sectors. It’s really quite straightforward and accessible to quickly move up the ranks within your chosen field. You can start with one area of expertise, take on new skills and eventually move up the career ladder. A site worker can progress to site manager and often continue into a senior site manager’s role. Consistency, reliability and a clear goal plan will take you a long way.

  • Job opportunities at home and abroad

  • Great opportunities to travel and work on projects all over the world will come your way if you stick at it with the right companies. There will be a number of exciting opportunities here in the UK but with real possibility to travel internationally and work on a number of prominent projects.

  • Be a part of exciting national projects

  • There are many exciting national projects under way some of which are quite unique in the UK such as Hinkley C, HS2, Heathrow Expansion and Crossrail. You will gain many opportunities to get involved with such projects and feel that you are really part of something big and of national importance.

  • Good salary progression

  • The construction sector offers great salary opportunities and many roles are extremely well paid. As your career progresses, invariably salary progression will occur in line with rewarding job opportunities. This is particularly true when demand is so high for skilled workers. This creates an environment where firms look to recruit and reward the best possible industry talent. So continuing to enhance your skills and qualifications will nudge you towards the higher echelons of earning potential and executive status where construction sector executives are among the highest paid across all sectors.

  • Multiple routes into the construction industry

  • The construction sector is incredibly versatile when it comes to the routes into the sector. There are multiple ways of getting into the industry whatever your backgrounds and it’s common to find professionals in the field from both university and trades routes. You can choose to work your way up the career ladder or instead gain a degree and enter the sector as a graduate trainee.

  • A increasingly diverse field

  • The sector does have a feel for being male-dominated but things are changing rapidly with more and more women getting into construction. Not only are we seeing more women entering the industry than ever the average earnings are up by 60% compared to a few years ago – and this is improving even more. There are now many networks of women working in construction, such as Women in Property and events and organisations encouraging women into construction such as Women now make up 14% of construction industry professionals with more and more women choosing the sector and gender specific roles are gradually diminishing as a result.

  • An evolving industry

  • There is not a better time than now to become part of the construction industry as exciting new ventures and technology unfolds. Technology is responsible for a number of major changes in the way the world of construction works and is currently a major driver in its evolution. From Building Information Modelling, Drone technology, AI and VR, construction is continually adapting in order to improve and meet the needs of modern society and the challenges the UK faces. There is an increasing need for talented, ambitious and skilled professionals to contribute to large-scale infrastructure and house-building projects. The industry is continually evolving and can offer a whole host of benefits in the form of salary and rapid career progression so now is a great time to get involved and to capitalise on the opportunities.

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