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Groundworker Jobs In West Midlands

What does a Groundworker in West Midlands need to operate machinery?

Experienced Groundworkers often operate plant machinery to perform Groundworks tasks. In order to operate machines on most construction sites you must have the relevant CPCS or NPORS tickets. Some construction sites require you to have a specific ticket, but most sites allow you to have either your CPCS or NPORS card. To find out more information about the construction industry card schemes visit the CITB card schemes page. To get your CPCS/NPORS card it's best to search for a provider near your local area, for example NPORS or CPCS training providers near West Midlands.

What CPCS cards should a Groundworker have?

The Construction Plant Competence Scheme provides skills and certification cards for the plant and other construction allied sectors. The CPCS management commitee continually review and amend the scheme, taking into account industry feedback, occupational health issues and technological and machine advances.

Groundworks positions may require CPCS tickets, including:

To find out more information about each CPCS ticket category visit the CPCS category PDF.

What NPORS cards should a Groundworker have?

Groundworks positions may require NPORS tickets, including:

To find out more information about each NPORS ticket category visit the NPORS website.

If you have any questions in your pursuit of a career as a Groundworker don't hesitate to contact us, one of the team would be happy to help.

What does a Groundworker in West Midlands do?

A Groundworkers main responsibility is simple, working with the Ground. This various between specific roles and construction sites but in most cases the Groundworks tasks will be to either prepare the site for the project with drainage, foundations and other vital aspects of the build. Or to finish the site and make it presentable, ready for it's end use. But, What does a Groundworker do?

A Groundworkers main role may include:

  • Drainage, Concrete, Kerbing and Flagging.
  • Setting up and taking down the construction site before and after works.
  • Operating plant machinery to perform excavation or earthmoving tasks.

There are many possible responsibilities of a Groundworker, our Example Groundworker Job Description describes more below.

Job Description - Groundworker in West Midlands

In a Groundworker in West Midlands job description, it will discuss the role and any further requirements to get the job, sometimes even including how close to the construction site in West Midlands you may need to live. See below, an example of a job description for a Groundworker in West Midlands.

Job Role:

  • Setting up site including barriers, safety signage and huts/small work buildings.
  • Using equipment and tools effectively to perform construction tasks.
  • Removing and installing drainage and pipework systems.
  • Laying pavements, kerbs and driveways.
  • Interpreting drawings and technical specifications.
  • Following technical specifications and plans to perform Groundwork tasks.
  • Preparing the ground and foundations in preparation for other construction work to begin.
  • Digging trenches and moving ground.
  • Working with waterways and connecting pipework to existing pipework.
  • Following relevant health and safety procedures and risk management.
  • Operating plant machinery and vehicles such as 360 Excavators and Forward Tipping Dumpers.


  • Good problem solving skills
  • A good level of physical fitness to perform required tasks.
  • A valid CSCS card.
  • Ability to read technical specifications and diagrams.
  • Able to work effectively as part of a diverse team.
  • Previous experience within Groundworks or assisting Groundworkers

How do I find a job as a Groundworker in West Midlands?

Groundwork in the construction industry will always be available as long as there are construction projects, the phrase "starting from the Ground upwards" had to come from somewhere. Recruitment agencies provide workers for many companies therefore they will almost always have a role available for you. At RecruitEasy, we advertise most our available roles on our construction and other industry job search. If you can't find a role that's right for you, You can also register for us to find you a role.

How to Register for Groundworker jobs:

  1. Register with us on our website for Groundworker positions in West Midlands or call us to register with us now.
  2. We will take your details and experience so we can find the right job for you.
  3. We will find you a Groundworker position to start as soon as possible.

How do I get a CSCS Card to be a Groundworker in West Midlands?

To work as a Groundworker on most sites in the construction industry you will need a valid CSCS card (sites in West Midlands are no different), this proves you have the relevant knowledge and training to perform Groundworks safely for yourself and others. This must be in date and legitimate. You can check if your CSCS Card is in date on the card itself or here. To get your CSCS card you must complete one of the following criteria:

  • QCF Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment or the SQCF Level 4 equivalent.
  • One day site safety plus health and safety awareness course
  • IOSH Working safely course

After obtaining the above, you will also need to pass the CITB Operatives Health, Safety and Environment test within two years before applying to get your CSCS Card from the CSCS website.

The above courses would need to be refreshed every 5 years, however there are some lifetime qualifications that will not need refreshing. Such as the QCF Level 1, SCQF Level 4 and BTEC Level 1, you can check the latest requirements on the CSCS website, which also tell you which specific Health, Safety and Environment test you will need to take.

The purpose of the Construction Safety Certification Scheme (or CSCS) is to certify the specialist and safety knowledge of workers, the required CITB health, safety and environment test will also examine knowledge across a wide range of topics and improve safety and productivity on site. At RecruitEasy, we mostly recruit for companies who require a CSCS card on site, but you can call us or register to check if we have any roles suitable for a non CSCS card Groundworker based in West Midlands.

The Groundworker Job role is crucial in all construction projects especially in West Midlands. Groundworkers are usually the first workers to set foot on site and the last. The groundworker role prepares everything on the ground ready for other professionals to start constructing the building or project itself. This essential role in the construction industry and in West Midlands is very diverse and has many different duties and responsibilities dependant on the specific role.

This page will give you an overview of what a Groundworker in West Midlands is and what they do and hopefully answer any questions you may have on your search for a Groundworks job in West Midlands and construction career.

What is a Groundworker in West Midlands?

In the UK, a Groundworker is a construction professional who mainly prepares the ground before, during and after other construction workers can do their duties this is no different in West Midlands. Groundworkers are often the first and the last workers to set foot on site as they prepare the site with drainage, foundations and sub-surfaces. Then Groundworkers finish the site work by laying driveways, footpaths and other finishing touches.

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