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Labourer Jobs In Worcestershire

Whether you are fresh out of education or looking to change industries. Becoming a construction labourer is a good first step to getting into the construction sector especially in Worcestershire. It?s the best job entry point to a career in construction. There are alternatives such as courses and further training that could give you a boost in your starting position such as Carpentry or other Trades.

Working as a site labourer in Worcestershire will give you the fundamental understanding of a construction site that you need to gain in the construction industry.

What does a Labourer in Worcestershire do?

The basic role of a labourer differs for each position. There are still some general tasks that most positions would require on a regular basis.

In Worcestershire these may include:

  • Transporting materials around the site.
  • Transporting materials to and from the site.
  • Performing manual tasks, loading equipment and replenishing stock and materials.
  • Regularly reporting to the site supervisor or foreman.
  • Preparing and cleaning the site ready for other tradespeople.
  • Adhering to health and safety regulations.
  • Providing other professionals with help when required.

You should always read your full job description to know what is expected of you on the construction site.

Due to the practical nature of the job role, labourers are expected to have appropriate levels of fitness and be in good physical shape. This role can be difficult but very fulfilling, with plenty of opportunities to advance and move onto different disciplines that suit your interests and skills.

Job Description - Labourer in Worcestershire

In a Labourer job description, it will discuss the role and any further requirements to get the job.
See below, an example of a job description for a Labourer.

Job Role:

  • Performing setup and clean up tasks on site
  • Following the guidance and instruction of site management.
  • The ability to carry out basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device when needed.
  • Providing general maintenance of construction equipment
  • Supporting other professionals in their duties such as Bricklaying or Carpentry when needed.
  • Using tools and equipment to complete basic construction tasks.


  • General knowledge of building and construction practices
  • Attention to detail and a good knowledge of health and safety whilst on site.
  • A good level of physical fitness to perform physical tasks such as moving materials.
  • Able to complete basic construction tasks to support other professionals.
  • Previous experience as a Labourer preferred.
  • A valid CSCS Card
  • Full PPE

How do I find a job as a labourer in Worcestershire?

Labouring work in the construction industry will always be available as long as there are construction projects. Labourers are crucial in the running of sites as their role assists almost all others on the site. One of the easiest ways of getting work as a labourer is by ensuring you have the right qualifications to work on site, then contacting a reputable recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies provide workers for many companies therefore they will almost always have a role available for you. At RecruitEasy, we advertise most our available roles on our construction and other industry job search. If you can't find a role that's right for you, You can also register for us to find you a role.

How to Register for Labourer jobs:

  1. Register with us on our website for Labourer positions in Worcestershire or call us to register with us now.
  2. We will take your details and experience so we can find the right job for you.
  3. We will find you Labouring work in Worcestershire to start as soon as possible.

How do I get a CSCS Card to work in Worcestershire?

To work as a Labourer on most sites in the construction industry you will need a valid CSCS card (this is no different in Worcestershire), this proves you have the relevant knowledge and training to perform your job safely for yourself and others. This must be in date and legitimate. You can check if your CSCS Card is in date on the card itself or using an online card checker.

To get your CSCS card you must complete one of the following criteria:

  • QCF Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment or the SQCF Level 4 equivalent.
  • One day site safety plus health and safety awareness course
  • IOSH Working safely course

After obtaining the above, you will also need to pass the CITB Operatives Health, Safety and Environment test within two years before applying to get your CSCS Card from the CSCS website.

The above courses would need to be refreshed every 5 years, however there are some lifetime qualifications that will not need refreshing. Such as the QCF Level 1, SCQF Level 4 and BTEC Level 1, you can check the latest requirements on the CSCS website, which also tell you which specific Health, Safety and Environment test you will need to take.

The purpose of the Construction Safety Certification Scheme (or CSCS) is to certify the specialist and safety knowledge of workers, the required CITB health, safety and environment test will also examine knowledge across a wide range of topics and improve safety and productivity on site. At RecruitEasy, we mostly recruit for companies who require a CSCS card on site, but you can call us or register to check if we have any roles suitable for a non CSCS card labourer.

Now you have read a labourer job description, you may want to choose a career as a Labourer, it can be quite rewarding. The relevance of experience depends on if you want to specialise in a specific construction area. Or you may just want to get some experience to see if Labouring is the right role for you. A job role as a Labourer can be the stepping stone to getting into other related areas.

What is a Labourer?

In short, a labourer in Worcestershire is someone who performs manual labour jobs. Within the construction industry this can range from a general labourer to an experienced multiskilled labourer. Generally, they work with other trained professionals such as Bricklayers, Carpenters or site management to fulfil their role.

Many labourers attract a rewarding salary with experience and hard work which reflects their own experience levels and specialities. Overall, a labourer is an entry-level position. On most construction sites and projects in Worcestershire, a labourer will only need their valid CSCS card. Labourers need less technical knowledge and training than most other construction job roles available in Worcestershire.

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