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Job Role - Shuttering Carpenter

A Shuttering Carpenter is a skilled professional in the construction industry, specializing in the assembly and installation of formwork, commonly known as "shuttering." This crucial role involves crafting the moulds or frameworks that shape concrete structures, ensuring they align with project specifications and design plans.

Shuttering Carpenters work with various types of wood, plywood, and other materials to construct temporary moulds into which concrete will be poured. They must interpret construction blueprints, follow precise measurements, and employ carpentry skills to create formwork that can withstand the pressures exerted during the concrete pouring and curing process.

Collaboration is fundamental in this role, as Shuttering Carpenters often work closely with other construction professionals, including engineers and concrete workers, to ensure the formwork meets structural requirements. Their work is essential for creating the foundations, walls, and other concrete elements of buildings and structures.

Attention to detail is critical, as the accuracy of the formwork directly influences the quality and integrity of the final concrete structures. Shuttering Carpenters must also consider factors such as safety regulations and environmental conditions to ensure the success of the construction project.

In summary, Shuttering Carpenters contribute significantly to the construction industry by skilfully crafting the moulds that shape concrete, playing a key role in the creation of durable and structurally sound buildings and infrastructure.

What is a Shuttering Carpenter in Construction?

A Shuttering Carpenter in construction is a skilled professional who specializes in creating formwork, also known as shuttering, for concrete structures. They play a crucial role in shaping and molding the framework that holds concrete in place until it sets, ensuring that the final structure meets design specifications.

Similar to the precision and attention to detail required in various construction roles, a Shuttering Carpenter utilizes woodworking skills and technical expertise to construct molds, frames, and supports for concrete structures. They work closely with engineers, concrete workers, and other construction professionals to create formwork that is both structurally sound and aligns with project requirements.

In this role, proficiency in carpentry, understanding of construction drawings, and knowledge of different types of formwork materials are essential. Shuttering Carpenters use a variety of tools and equipment, including saws, drills, and measuring instruments, to fabricate formwork that can withstand the pressures of poured concrete.

Just as construction professionals collaborate with project stakeholders, Shuttering Carpenters work within a diverse team, including concrete workers, Project Managers, and engineers, to ensure the successful execution of concrete structures. They contribute significantly to the construction process by providing the foundational framework that enables the creation of durable and well-formed concrete elements.

If you have a passion for carpentry, a keen eye for precision, and a desire to contribute to the construction of robust concrete structures, a career as a Shuttering Carpenter could be a rewarding and impactful path for you.

Who does a Shuttering Carpenter work with?

Shuttering Carpenters, also known as formwork Carpenters, play a crucial role in the construction industry, collaborating with various professionals to shape the formwork for concrete structures. They often work closely with construction site supervisors, Project Managers, and engineers during the planning and design phases to understand the specific requirements for formwork.

In the early stages of construction projects, Shuttering Carpenters collaborate with architects and designers to interpret construction plans and blueprints. This collaboration ensures that the formwork they create aligns with the intended structure and meets safety and quality standards.

Shuttering Carpenters work alongside other construction trades such as concrete workers, Steel Fixers, and general Carpenters to integrate formwork into the overall construction process. Effective communication and coordination are essential to ensure that formwork is installed accurately and efficiently.

Additionally, Shuttering Carpenters may engage with health and safety professionals to implement safety measures during the formwork installation. Their collaboration contributes to creating a secure working environment for all construction personnel.

Throughout the construction phase, Shuttering Carpenters may work with Project Managers to address any modifications or adjustments needed in the formwork. This collaborative approach ensures that the formwork remains structurally sound and meets project specifications.

In summary, Shuttering Carpenters are integral team members in the construction industry, working collaboratively with a range of professionals to contribute to the successful execution of concrete structures.

What does a Shuttering Carpenter do?

A Shuttering Carpenter is a skilled professional in the construction industry, specializing in the creation and installation of formwork or shuttering. Formwork is a temporary mould into which concrete is poured to create a specific shape or structure. Shuttering Carpenters play a crucial role in shaping and supporting concrete structures during the construction process.

Similar to Scaffolders, Assistant Site Managers, Construction Civil Estimators, Fabricators, Facilities Managers, Firestoppers, Highways Operatives, Project Managers, and Quality Control Inspectors, Shuttering Carpenters are integral to the construction process, contributing to the creation of various structures.

The primary responsibility of a Shuttering Carpenter involves interpreting construction plans and blueprints to create the formwork required for concrete structures. They use a variety of materials, including timber, plywood, and steel, to construct moulds that accurately represent the desired shape and dimensions of the final concrete element.

Precision is essential in their work, as the formwork must be sturdy and well-aligned to ensure the integrity of the concrete structure. Shuttering Carpenters assemble and install the formwork, ensuring it can withstand the pressure of the concrete during the pouring and curing phases.

In addition to constructing formwork, Shuttering Carpenters may be involved in the removal and dismantling of the formwork after the concrete has set. They may work closely with concrete finishers and other construction professionals to achieve the desired surface finish on the concrete.

Health and safety considerations are paramount in the work of Shuttering Carpenters. They must adhere to safety regulations and standards to create a secure working environment.

In summary, Shuttering Carpenters are essential contributors to the construction industry, playing a key role in shaping and supporting concrete structures through the precise construction and installation of formwork.

So, What does a Shuttering Carpenter do daily?

A Shuttering Carpenter's main responsibilities often encompass:

  • Constructing formwork and moulds for concrete structures based on project specifications
  • Installing and dismantling temporary structures used in concrete pouring
  • Ensuring accuracy and precision in measuring and cutting materials for formwork

In this role, carpentry skills, knowledge of construction techniques, and attention to detail are crucial. Shuttering Carpenters play a key role in the construction process by creating the necessary moulds and formwork that facilitate the pouring and shaping of concrete structures.

In a Shuttering Carpenter job description, it will discuss the role and any further requirements to get the job, see below.

Shuttering Carpenter Job Description

An example of a job description for a Shuttering Carpenter.

Job Role:

  • Constructing formwork and moulds for concrete structures
  • Identifying and addressing potential challenges in formwork design
  • Conducting precise measurements and cutting materials for formwork
  • Ensuring compliance with construction drawings and specifications
  • Collaborating with construction teams to set up formwork on site
  • Reading and interpreting architectural plans and blueprints
  • Assembling and installing formwork to create moulds for concrete pouring
  • Ensuring the stability and accuracy of formwork installations
  • Dismantling formwork after concrete has set and the project is complete
  • Participating in safety protocols and staying informed about industry best practices.


  • Experience in shuttering carpentry or a related field
  • Proficiency in constructing formwork for concrete structures
  • Ability to interpret and follow construction drawings and specifications
  • Skill in using various carpentry tools for formwork assembly
  • Attention to detail for precise formwork construction
  • Physical stamina and capability to work in various weather conditions
  • Adherence to safety procedures and protocols in carpentry work

Avg Salary:


Low: £28,625

High: £52,000

In summary, a Shuttering Carpenter is a skilled tradesperson integral to construction projects. Specializing in creating formwork, or moulds, for concrete structures, they play a critical role in shaping the foundations and structures of buildings. Precision in carpentry, understanding of construction plans, and proficiency in working with various materials are essential for success in this role. Shuttering Carpenters contribute significantly to the structural integrity of construction projects, ensuring that concrete is moulded and set accurately according to design specifications.

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