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Job Role - Traffic Marshall

A Traffic Marshall is a vital contributor to safety and logistics on construction sites and other areas where traffic management is required. This role involves overseeing the safe flow of vehicles and pedestrians, preventing congestion, and ensuring the well-organized movement of traffic.

One of the primary responsibilities of a Traffic Marshall is directing vehicles and guiding drivers through designated routes. They use hand signals, signs, and communication devices to communicate with drivers effectively. Their role is crucial in preventing accidents, minimizing delays, and maintaining a smooth traffic flow within the construction site or designated area.

Collaboration with construction teams, delivery personnel, and other site staff is essential for a Traffic Marshall. They work in coordination with site supervisors and Project Managers to implement and enforce traffic management plans. Their proactive approach involves identifying potential hazards, assessing site conditions, and taking measures to optimize traffic routes.

Safety awareness is paramount in this role, as Traffic Marshalls are often responsible for enforcing safety regulations, ensuring the proper use of personal protective equipment, and mitigating risks associated with vehicular and pedestrian movement. Their presence contributes significantly to creating a secure work environment on construction sites.

In summary, Traffic Marshalls play a critical role in maintaining order and safety in areas where vehicular and pedestrian traffic intersect. Their skills in communication, coordination, and safety enforcement contribute to the overall efficiency and safety of construction projects and other designated areas.

What is a Traffic Marshall in Construction?

A Traffic Marshall in construction plays a vital role in managing and directing the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic on construction sites. They are responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient movement of vehicles, pedestrians, and construction equipment to minimize congestion and maintain a secure work environment.

Similar to the precision and attention to detail required in various construction roles, a Traffic Marshall utilizes communication skills and a thorough understanding of traffic management procedures to coordinate the safe passage of vehicles. They work closely with construction teams, site supervisors, and other personnel to implement traffic control measures and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

In this role, effective communication, knowledge of traffic management principles, and a commitment to safety are essential. Traffic Marshalls use hand signals, signage, and communication devices to guide vehicles through designated routes, control access to construction areas, and prevent potential hazards.

Just as construction professionals collaborate with project stakeholders, Traffic Marshalls work within a diverse team, including construction crews, delivery drivers, and safety personnel, to contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of construction site operations. They play a crucial role in preventing accidents, managing traffic flow, and maintaining a secure environment for both construction workers and the public.

If you have a keen awareness of traffic management, strong communication skills, and a commitment to safety in construction, a career as a Traffic Marshall could be a fulfilling and impactful path for you.

Who does a Traffic Marshall work with?

Traffic Marshalls play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient flow of traffic on construction sites and nearby areas. They work closely with various professionals within the construction industry to maintain a secure environment for both construction personnel and the general public.

Traffic Marshalls often collaborate with site supervisors, Project Managers, and safety officers during the planning phase of construction projects. Their input is valuable in developing traffic management plans and ensuring that construction activities align with safety regulations and project timelines.

During construction operations, Traffic Marshalls work alongside heavy equipment operators, delivery personnel, and construction workers to coordinate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Effective communication is key to prevent congestion, guide vehicles safely, and implement traffic control measures.

In addition to on-site collaboration, Traffic Marshalls may engage with local authorities, law enforcement, and transportation agencies to address traffic concerns and obtain necessary permits. Their collaboration helps ensure compliance with traffic regulations and minimizes disruptions to the surrounding community.

Furthermore, Traffic Marshalls work with health and safety professionals to implement safety measures related to traffic management. This collaborative effort contributes to creating a secure working environment and preventing accidents on construction sites.

In summary, Traffic Marshalls are integral members of the construction team, working collaboratively with various professionals to manage and control traffic, enhancing safety and efficiency on construction sites.

What does a Traffic Marshal do?

A Traffic Marshal, also known as a Traffic Controller or Banksman, is a professional in the construction and logistics industry responsible for managing and directing traffic on construction sites or other locations where vehicle movements need coordination. Their primary role involves ensuring the safe and efficient flow of vehicles, pedestrians, and construction equipment within designated areas.

Similar to Scaffolders, Assistant Site Managers, Construction Civil Estimators, Fabricators, Facilities Managers, Firestoppers, Highways Operatives, Project Managers, Quality Control Inspectors, Shuttering Carpenters, and Slinger Signallers, Traffic Marshals contribute significantly to maintaining safety and order on construction sites.

The key responsibilities of a Traffic Marshal include directing vehicles entering or leaving the site, guiding delivery trucks to designated areas, and ensuring that vehicles and pedestrians follow established traffic management plans. They use hand signals, radio communication, or other means to coordinate with drivers and equipment operators, preventing congestion and potential hazards.

Traffic Marshals play a critical role in promoting site safety by identifying and mitigating risks associated with vehicle movements. They may be responsible for implementing and monitoring traffic control measures, such as temporary road signage and barriers, to manage the flow of traffic effectively.

In addition to their traffic management duties, Traffic Marshals may assist with other on-site safety activities, such as conducting toolbox talks, ensuring the proper use of personal protective equipment, and responding to emergency situations.

Effective communication and awareness of the construction site's layout are essential for Traffic Marshals. They must stay vigilant to changing conditions, anticipate potential risks, and communicate with both construction site personnel and external drivers to maintain a safe working environment.

In summary, Traffic Marshals play a crucial role in the construction industry by managing traffic flow and enhancing safety on construction sites. Their expertise in traffic coordination contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of construction operations.

So, What does a Traffic Marshall do daily?

A Traffic Marshall's primary responsibilities often encompass:

  • Directing and managing the flow of traffic on construction sites or near roadworks
  • Ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles by implementing proper traffic control measures
  • Communicating effectively with construction teams, drivers, and pedestrians to prevent accidents and maintain a smooth traffic flow

In this role, vigilance, strong communication skills, and a commitment to safety are crucial. Traffic Marshalls play a vital role in coordinating traffic movements, contributing to a secure and organized environment around construction sites or areas with ongoing roadworks.

In a Traffic Marshall job description, it will discuss the role and any further requirements to get the job, see below.

Traffic Marshall Job Description

An example of a job description for a Traffic Marshall.

Job Role:

  • Managing and coordinating traffic flow on construction sites
  • Identifying and addressing potential safety hazards related to traffic movement
  • Conducting regular inspections of traffic management systems
  • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations and industry standards
  • Collaborating with construction teams to plan and implement traffic control measures
  • Reading and interpreting traffic management plans and guidelines
  • Measuring and marking designated areas for traffic flow and parking
  • Directing and guiding vehicles and pedestrians to ensure safe movement
  • Communicating effectively with construction workers and external stakeholders
  • Participating in safety training and staying updated on traffic management practices.


  • Experience in traffic management or a related field
  • Proficiency in directing and controlling vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • Ability to communicate effectively with drivers, pedestrians, and construction personnel
  • Knowledge of traffic regulations and safety protocols
  • Attention to detail for managing traffic flow and ensuring safety on construction sites
  • Adherence to safety procedures and protocols in traffic management
  • Certifications in traffic management and control

Avg Salary:


Low: £23,500

High: £33,150

In summary, a Traffic Marshal is a key professional responsible for managing and directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic on construction sites. Tasked with ensuring the safe flow of traffic, preventing congestion, and coordinating vehicle movements, they play a critical role in maintaining a secure environment. Vigilance, effective communication, and a focus on safety protocols are essential for success in this role. Traffic Marshals contribute significantly to the overall safety and organization of construction sites, facilitating the smooth and secure movement of vehicles and personnel.

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