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Warehouse Operative Jobs In Barnstaple

Job Description - Warehouse Operative in Barnstaple

In a Warehouse Operative job description, it will discuss the role and any further requirements to get the job. See below, an example of a job description for a Warehouse Operative.

Job Role:

  • Assisting with unloading or loading of vehicles during deliveries.
  • Stock checking and redistribution
  • Picking Stock from and replenishing shelves
  • Packing products for dispatch
  • Responsible for working through orders independently or working as part of a team
  • Product location and retrieval
  • General tidying and Cleaning of the warehouse
  • Stock rotation and code checking
  • Following of Safety procedures and practices
  • Make sure your deliveries are perfectly stacked and secure to reduce the risk of damaged product


  • Some experience of working in a fast-paced, target driven environment
  • Willingness to work with all different types of stock, possibly in temperature-controlled areas
  • Self-motivation to work hard and do everything to the best of your ability
  • Good attention to detail when working quickly
  • Experience in a warehouse environment or managing staff (for senior roles)

How do I find a job as a Warehouse Operative in Barnstaple?

You don't need to look that far out of the box to find a distribution center job, it's rather simple really, we have a truckload of them! Warehouse Worker jobs in the warehousing and logistics industry will always be available as long as people buy products online, which over the years has only grown. Recruitment agencies provide workers for many companies therefore they will almost always have a role available for you. At RecruitEasy, we advertise most our available roles on our construction and other industry job search. If you can't find a role that's right for you, You can also register for us to find you a role.

How to Register for Warehouse Operative jobs:

  1. Register with us on our website for Warehouse Operative positions in Barnstaple or call us to register with us now.
  2. We will take your details and experience so we can find the right job for you.
  3. We will find you a Warehouse Operative job in Barnstaple to start as soon as possible.

The Warehouse Operative Job role is crucial in many businesses. A warehouse operative is a general worker within a warehouse, some may call this a warehouse worker, warehouse operator, warehouse picker, picker and packer, a warehouse assistant or a warehouse employee.

Like most areas in the UK Warehouse Workers based in Barnstaple look after goods in a stockroom or warehouse. They receive, store and send goods and inventory, making sure there are no missing, damaged or unchecked items.

What is a Warehouse Operative?

Distribution center Operatives receive and stow products, pick and pack customers' orders. It's an essential role; you bring customers' orders to life, every day.

Working in a team, you're likely to do a variety of tasks in a shift, such as taking delivery of goods into a warehouse in Barnstaple for sorting, stacking and storage and then eventually picking and packing orders for dispatch as they are sent on their way to our high-streets, businesses and out of town stores.

If you think of yourself as a practical, common sense sort of person with a methodical approach, who is happy to work in a team or independently, this might be the role for you. The ability to work quickly, accurately and safely are also highly desirable skills.

A short Youtube video showing a tour of one of Amazon's fulfilment Centres, this is the type of environment you are likely to work in as a warehouse operative.

Who does a Warehouse Operative in Barnstaple work with?

Warehouse Workers in Barnstaple often work alongside other workers, this could include Forklift drivers, their line managers (supervisors and team leaders) as well as other distribution center related job roles such as logistics personnel, HGV Drivers and more. A Forklift driver can either be a standalone role, or a warehouse operative themselves. Depending on the function of each warehouse, some distribution center workers will work with Factory Operatives or production line personnel.

What does a Warehouse Operative in Barnstaple do?

A Warehouse Operative's main responsibility is simple, to do anything the distribution centre in Barnstaple management needs within the running of the center.

This varies between specific roles and warehouses within Barnstaple but in most cases the worker's tasks will be manage inventory or goods in some way or another. This could be in the form of moving, counting and shipping stock or simply picking and packing in a warehouse.

In a warehouse the core component is not only the stock that is managed there but the Operatives. A distribution centre wouldn't work without human interaction to ensure speed and quality. Most distribution centres never stop running; 24 hours a day. Warehouse Operatives in Barnstaple work a range of shifts from morning, day, evening and night to ensure the products the business needs are delivered to the correct store or customer. A warehouse relies on every single employee within that business to roll up their sleeves and get the job done - without the warehousing workers the job wouldn't get done!

So, What does a Warehouse Operative in Barnstaple do daily?

A Warehouse Operative in Barnstaple's main role may include:

  • Goods in and out
  • Overseeing machinery and other various duties as required.
  • Picking and packing
  • Regular stock checks
  • Replenishing stock levels
  • Various other warehousing duties

There are many possible responsibilities of a Warehouse Worker, our Example Warehouse Operative in Barnstaple Job Description describes more.

What Qualifications does a Warehouse Operative need to work in Barnstaple?

Most warehouse jobs in Barnstaple don't require any particular qualifications, yet if you do want to progress in the industry it might be useful to have some qualifications or experience.

Except from your amount of experience, some Warehouse Operative positions may also require certain things, so, What qualifications does a Warehouse Operative need?

  • None - for entry level warehousing positions, you likely won't need any qualifications.
  • A Forklift Operator ticket (for some positions)
  • Experience managing warehouse staff (e.g. for a warehousing team leader)
  • Level 1-3 for Warehousing and Storage (if you plan a warehousing career)
  • Logistics and Warehousing qualifications such as a degree (for senior positions).

To find out more information about Level 1-3 Warehousing and Logistics qualifications visit the City & Guilds website.

If you have any questions in your pursuit of a career as a Warehouse Operator and senior warehousing positions don't hesitate to contact us, one of the team would be happy to help.

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